Eminem's 3 Kids: Everything to Know (2023)

Eminem may be known for his tough exterior, but he's a big softie when it comes to his kids.

The rapper shares three children with his ex-wife, Kim Scott: Hailie Jade Scott, Alaina Scott and Stevie Laine Scott.

"Bein' a dad is definitely living a double life," Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, told Rolling Stone in 2004. "Even before Hailie was born, I was a firm believer in freedom of speech … But once I hit them gates where I live, that's when I'm Dad. Takin' the kids to school, pickin' 'em up, teachin' 'em rules. I'm not sayin' I'm the perfect father, but the most important thing is to be there for my kids and raise them the right way."

He even credits his kids for helping him get sober. While he "couldn't concentrate" on his addiction to pills in rehab because of his fame, he found the strength to do it on his own with the help of his family. "I love them so much and they've helped me through so many things," he told New York Times Magazine in 2010.

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Hailie Jade Scott, 27

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Hailie Jade Scott was born on Dec. 25, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan. The 27-year-old has always been the light of her father's life, and has been mentioned in several of his songs, including "Mockingbird" and "Hailie's Song." "My insecurities could eat me alive / But then I see my baby / Suddenly I'm not crazy / It all makes sense when I look into her eyes," he raps on the 2002 hit.

In 2001, Eminem said his daughter was "a real wakeup call" for him. "She made me get my ass in gear — to make something of my life and try 10 quadrillion times harder than I had before," he told British publication Q. "Everything that I am doing right now is for Hailie … the money — it's for her college."

In exchange, Hailie has been known to support her dad and his career, even celebrating with her famous father when he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022. The two attended the ceremony in Los Angeles wearing coordinating black leather jackets.

Hailie graduated from Michigan State College with a psychology degree and an impressive 3.9 GPA. "She's made me proud for sure," he said on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson in 2020, adding that she has "no babies" and is focusing on her career. "Just a boyfriend. She's doing good."

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In February 2023, Hailie announced that she and her boyfriend of over five years, Evan McClintock, were engaged.

"casual weekend recap… 😭💗 2.4.23 💍 i love you @evanmcclintock11," she captioned a post on Instagram, which featured a photo of McClintock down on one knee and a close-up snap of the ring — an oval-cut diamond attached to a thin gold band.

"😭😭😭 couldn't be happier for the two of you🍾can't wait do this chapter of life with you guys❤️," her sister Alaina Marie Scott commented on the post, which featured a snap of McClintock down on one knee and a photo of the couple popping a bottle of champagne.

Hailie says she's still "very close" with her father and reflects fondly on her childhood. "I always think about that time we went to Florida, my dad was working on something, and he set up for us to do, like, the limo and take it to Disney and we did the princess tea party, and he had the dresses waiting for us," she shared on her Just a Little Shady podcast in 2022. "At the time, we were so happy and so excited, but we didn't get to appreciate that moment as much as now when we talk about it and think back on it."

In September 2022, Hailie again spoke about her unique childhood on her podcast. When asked if she's bothered by questions about her dad, the podcaster said, "The best way to say this is yes and no … Honestly, it's to a point," she said, adding, "I obviously expect it. And there's certain things I can understand why people are just genuinely curious about, as anyone would be when you've kind of grown up half in the spotlight."

Hailie continued, "I feel like growing up, when it would happen, I would get more bothered by it because I was like, 'Why do people care?' " she said of the constant questions. "I was young and I didn't totally understand the situation, so I was like, that's my dad. I don't ask you about your dad." Hailie added that she understands some people want to confirm what they've heard but explains, "Some stuff it's just like, that's weird. Let's move on."

Alaina Marie Scott, 30

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Alaina Marie Scott was born on Feb. 22, 1993, in Michigan to Kim's sister Dawn Scott. Eminem legally adopted her in the early 2000s as her mother struggled with drug use and eventually died in 2016 from a suspected overdose.

"I have full custody of my niece," the rapper told Rolling Stone about the now-29-year-old in 2004. "My niece has been a part of my life ever since she was born. Me and Kim pretty much had her, she'd live with us wherever we was at." In 2020, he said Alaina, whom he often calls Lainey in the lyrics of his songs, is "like a daughter" to him.

Eminem name-drops Alaina in his 2004 hit, "Mockingbird," rapping, "Lainey, uncle's crazy ain't he? / Yeah, but he loves you, girl and you better know it / We're all we got in this world."

Alaina attended Oakland University, where she got a bachelor of arts in communication with a double minor in public relations and advertising.

These days, Alaina is a travel blogger who often shares her adventures with followers on Instagram. In December 2021, she got engaged to her longtime love, Matt Moeller. "This moment. this life. Yes a hundred times over. I LOVE YOU," she captioned a set of photos from the couple's rooftop proposal, which included a snap that showed off her beautiful emerald-cut diamond ring.

Hailie and Stevie were present for the big moment, and Hailie even accompanied her sister to pick out her wedding dress in July 2022.

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Alaina is clearly ready to return the favor for Hailie's own nuptials. After her sister's February 2023 engagement, Alaina posted a sweet tribute on Instagram, writing in the caption, "my sis is finally engaged🥲 there's not many moments in life that leave you feeling pure bliss, but this has to be one of them."

Alaina also shouted out her sister's accomplishments, adding, "She's crushing her career right now, crushing being one of my Maid of Honors, crushing her podcast, and everything else that she touches. I have no doubt you'll crush being a wife, too. You deserve this and more Hay. Being able to plan my own wedding and now experience this with you takes the cake."

Stevie Laine Scott, 20

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Stevie Laine Scott was born on April 16, 2002, to Kim and her then-boyfriend, Eric Hartter, whom she dated between her two marriages to Eminem. When Kim and Eminem got back together, the 8 Mile star legally adopted Stevie in 2005. Their biological father reportedly passed away in 2019.

The 20-year-old came out as nonbinary in August 2021, when they shared a touching video on TikTok documenting their journey through "becoming more comfortable with" themselves. They hashtagged "#genderfluid" and "#bi," and revealed they now use "all pronouns" to describe themselves.

They immediately received a huge flow of support from fans and shared a post thanking them for all of the love.

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Stevie is in a long-distance relationship with TikToker Declan Jace, and often posts cute videos when they're together.


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