Eminem Ex-Wife (Kim Mathers) 2022, Bio, Twin, Husband, Kid, Net Worth - TV Stars Info (2023)

You cant be under the radar when you were the ex-wife of Eminem. Kim Mathers has always been in the limelight for all the right and wrong reasons.

More so than being the wife of Eminem, she is famous for what she has achieved in her career. Most of the readers here might know Kim Mathers as the wife of Eminem, but there is more.

Eminem Ex-Wife (Kim Mathers) 2022, Bio, Twin, Husband, Kid, Net Worth - TV Stars Info (1)

Kim has married Eminem on more than one occasion. But what’s more delightful is the fact that Mathers has been famous for the bad habits she has taken through. Kim isn’t single at the moment, and there is much more to discuss.

Besides being Eminem’s ex-wife, hardly anyone knows what she does in originality, which is the key to things. In this write-up, we will broadly discuss everything about Kim Mathers, from her love life to earning and many more. Stick with us.

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Kim Mathers: Quick Facts

Full NameKimberly Ann Scott
NicknameKim Mathers
Date of Birth9th January 1975
Birth PlaceMichigan, USA
Age47 year old
Sun SignCapricorn
Father’s NameCasimer Sluck
Mother’s NameKathleen Sluck
Sister/brother nameDawn Scott
Weight62 kgs
Body Measurements34-29-37
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeSlim
Hair ColorBlonde
Shoe SizeUnder Review
EducationUnder Review
Marital StatusSingle
Children NameHailie Mathers
Net Worth$2.5 million
SalaryWill Update Soon
Social Media PresenceNone
Source of Wealth:Graphic Artist, Celebrity
Last UpdatedJuly 2022


Kimberly Ann Scott was born on 9th January 1975 in Warren, Michigan. This good-looking diva had issues in her childhood. She was born to parents, Casimer Sluck and Kathleen Sluck. Other than that, she also has a sibling named Dawn Scott.

Eminem Ex-Wife (Kim Mathers) 2022, Bio, Twin, Husband, Kid, Net Worth - TV Stars Info (2)

If you are unaware, Dawn and Kim are both twin sisters. In her earliest childhood, life wasn’t too easy for Kim, and she had to live from day to day earnings at times. There is no data on what the parents of Kim did.

Age and Body Measurements

Kim was born in the year 1975, which makes her 47 years old as of now. Eventhough she is only 47 years old, Kim doesn’t look in good shape or outlook. It is all due to the drugs and meds consumption she has carried out.

This diva stands at the height of 5’10”, which is a pretty good reading. Besides that, the body weight reads at 62 kgs which isn’t too good. Kim isn’t too concerned about how she looks and presents herself.

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Lack of self-care has affected her body weight. It is way above the level that women are meant to be. Besides this, her vital body statistics read at 34-29-37, which is pretty decent. With a shoe size of nine, she has no tattoos on her body.

As Mathers was born in January, the zodiac sign remains at Capricorn. She has flawless blonde hair. Also, what works is the sparkling blue eyes Eminem was such a huge fan of at one point.

Early Life and Education

Kim Mathers was born into a pretty tough family. Her childhood wasn’t too good as she had a stepfather. Worse, he was an alcoholic and abused both Kim and Dawn. This made her childhood horrifying.

Meanwhile, things were tough in the family, and both sisters left home in 1988. Struggling to find a place to live, they would settle down in a youth shelter just outside Detroit. Kim’s twin sister Dawn was very tight-knit with her.

Eminem Ex-Wife (Kim Mathers) 2022, Bio, Twin, Husband, Kid, Net Worth - TV Stars Info (3)

But with his early struggles in life, Dawn was into drugs. She would do drugs almost daily even though Kim was not into it. Her sister Dawn was such a colossal addict that drugs took her life. Dawn died in January of 2016.

When we talk about education, there is not much known about Kim. With her childhood being spent from one place to another moving, she couldn’t study well. Eminem’s ex-wife holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity.

Kim Mathers’ Career

The career aspect of Kim Mathers is something people don’t discuss much. Being known as the ex-wife of Eminem hides all of her achievements. Kim also had a decent career outing when we look into it.

During her study days, Kim was a talented writer and also a mercenary illustrator of some kind. Meanwhile, the details about the work have been told yet, but she has done quite a lot of work in the field of writing.

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Along with that, Kim also tried her hands in the field of modeling and did interviews as and when needed. With time this celebrity collaborated with some well-known brands whose details aren’t much known.

When we focus on what she has achieved in the field of being an editor, Kim has stood out. She has worked in well-known children’s books, publications, and mysteries. She is also a graphic artist who works well for magazines and stories.

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Some of the good books Kim has worked on and has become successful include Children’s Book Mommy. In like manner, a snot man standing next to You was also a medium for the bookaholic fans.

Husband Eminem

If you follow Hollywood closely, there is the slightest chance that you wouldn’t know about Eminem. He is the star in himself who has done a brilliant job in the field of music and rap.

Rarely known as Marshal Bruce Mathers III, Eminem had a bad childhood with his father being an alcoholic; not only that, he found his way out in music.

Eminem has been part of some of the biggest hits in the field of music. Until now, Eminem has had more than 220 million record sales, which are outstanding. He is a rare personality to win the Grammy and Oscar in a lifetime. A legend of the game for sure.

Kim Mathers Wedding

The most significant talk point in the career of Kim Mathers has been her marriage with ex-husband Eminem. He is one of the highly talked, talented, and finest rappers the world has ever seen. Sources claim that both met during college, and there was no looking back.

Meanwhile, Eminem started to like her company of, Kim, and they began to get close. If we believe rumors, people said they married quickly without much thinking, which affected the end.

Eminem Ex-Wife (Kim Mathers) 2022, Bio, Twin, Husband, Kid, Net Worth - TV Stars Info (4)

They started dating each other, and the marriage news came in 1999. It was quite a shock to most Eminem fans around the world. They weren’t expecting this news to hit them.

If we look into facts, minimal people were called to attend a marriage, which is the key. Within two years, their relationship didn’t work out too well.

Similarly, Kim went on to date the likes of Eric Hartter. He is also a well-known actor. Sources claim that Kim and Eric were close, but things didn’t work out well in the end.

Kim Mathers and Eminem divorce

It was the highlight in the marriage story of Kim Mathers and Eminem. In mere 24 months of their marriage, Kim and Eminem decided to part ways.

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The biggest fault in the divorce of the two was termed to be Kim Mathers. She was seen kissing rapper John Guerra in the parking lot. This incident took place in the year 2000.

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However, Kim and Eminem tried to make it work, but it didn’t last for more than 12 months. Eminem caught him red-handed and whipped a 9mm handgun on him.

This ended up with Eminem getting imprisoned, which was huge news. The music industry was moved by it. After Eminem was out of jail, he thought of reconciliation.

Kim and Eminem tried it out again for their relationship, but it didn’t last for more than three months. Sadly they separated forever, which wasn’t good news at all.

Kim Mathers Kids

If you followed his career of Eminem close, you would know he had a daughter before the marriage. Yes, you read that right. The daughter of Kim Mathers and Eminem, Hallie Mathers was born in 1995.

It was four years before their marriage. A bright and sparkling kid, Hallie had to see tough times as their parents’ marriage broke off. Meanwhile, Kim had other children too.

Eminem Ex-Wife (Kim Mathers) 2022, Bio, Twin, Husband, Kid, Net Worth - TV Stars Info (5)

Kim had a daughter named Whitney Scott Mathers, who Eminem later adopted. Along with that, the son named Parker was also adopted by the rapper. Lastly, the daughter of Kim’s twin sister, Alaina Marie Mathers, was also adopted by him.

One can easily say that Eminem has a pretty big heart and gives good care to the step kids. In the mix for all of this, Hallie is the only biological daughter of Eminem.

Kim Mathers 2022

There is hardly any information about what Kim Mathers is doing in 2022. One could scarcely fathom what her achievements are at this point.

But after getting divorced from Eminem, Kim started to lose her way in life. She was arrested for narcotics possession in the year 2001. This led her to get into some charges.

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After two years of this incident, in 2003, Kim was again booked for rash driving. What didn’t work in her favor this time was that she was carrying two bags of cocaine.

According to the law, she was fined and placed on probation. Kim didn’t follow the orders and broke the probation as well. This didn’t work well, and the lady was sentenced to one month of jail time.

Kim Mathers Net Worth

Kim Mathers might only be famous as the ex-wife of Eminem, but she had a career of her own. Being a graphic artist along with the writer did serve her well.

However, after the divorce from Eminem, the net worth of Kim Mathers did go higher. As of 2022, Kim Mathers’s net worth stands at $2.5 million, which is a pretty good amount.

Moreover, all her net worth has come from the divorce and her career achievements. Kim loves to remain silent when we talk about investments and endorsements.

Mathers love to remain under the radar and not talk much about her assets. So we can hardly tell you about the houses and cars this diva owns. If something pops up on the surface, readers will be made aware of it.

Social Media Presence

Kim Mathers is highly popular, being the wife of Eminem. Other than that, she has received a tremendous amount of media coverage. When you look into her social life of Kim, she has not been on social media platforms. Every account available about her arent the authentic one.

Interesting Facts about Kim Mathers

  • Kim Mathers’ ex-husband Eminem also had a drunk father’s childhood, which matches her.
  • Miami and Paris are the favorite holiday destinations for Kim Mathers.
  • Kim loves to travel, listen to music, watch movies, and go shopping during her free time.
  • Italian food, along with the color red, is some of her favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kim Mathers

  • What happened to Kim Mathers?

Kim Mathers was found with several cuts on her body done by herself; not only that, she had lacerations with a significant loss of blood in her legs.

  • Are Kim Mathers and Eminem still friends?

In an interview, Kim stated that Eminem and herself are pretty close to each other. They are good friends after all the differences that have occurred.

  • Are Eminem and Kim together?

Eminem and Kim might have reconciled for three months in 2006, but they aren’t together now.

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